Twilio Text Message to Screen

NOTE: This API implementation is currently disabled. I'm developing a new app using the same number. Details to follow.

It's Twilio Time Baby!

Twilio is a text messaging API that lets you send text messages online.

Text your first name, followed by a message, to XXX-XXX-XXXX and await the reply message.

Example Text Message (without the quotes)

"John Hey Man. Just testing your Twilio App thingy!"

Received Messages:

Sender: Patrick

Message: First test in production. Fingers crossed it works.

Sender: Kevin

Message: Looking good brother!

Sender: Doug

Message: Awesome work man!

Sender: Chris

Message: this is very impressive! Can't believe how far you've come!

Sender: Brandon

Message: I foresee a nice set of API's in your future. Very nice!

Sender: Ryan

Message: this is Ryan from Twilio. Awesome job! Let us know if we can help :)

Sender: Thanks


Sender: RyanFreed

Message: whatsup! Awesome to see you programming. Will it catch the first and last name as one? Haha. Let's catch up soon

Sender: Reading

Message: tea leaf review.