CrossFit Box & Gym Business Name Generator

Howdy! For a fun side project, I built the CrossFit & gym name generator, which is powered by the Big Thesaurus API.

Input a "starting word" for your CrossFit box business name. Use words like angry, fierce, strong, etc. Click "Generate Names" and a list of possible CrossFit box affiliate names will be generated.

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CrossFit Box & Gym Name Business Name Generator

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Thanks -Patrick

CrossFit Box Business Name Generator

Used by future CrossFit owners 95689 times and counting!

How It Works

1. Input word is sent to Big Thesaurus API via a Rails AJAX request using the 'net/http' library
2. Big Thesaurus looks up word, and if it exists, it sends back a JSON file with synonyms, antonyms, etc
3. JSON file is parsed for just the synonyms hash
4. Hash is set as an instance variable
5. Iterate over the instance variable of synonyms, prepending the word "CrossFit" to each.